Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's Been a Long Day

Phew...I'm whooped. Going to the doctor really wears on a kid. In the middle of playing I felt a sudden wave of tiredness so I just folded over like Gumby and decided to take a short break. It felt good. My body needed the rest.


Okay, so can you see it? Look really closely and just maybe you can. Mommy and I have been trying to get a good shot of my first pearly white that has finally made its debut. It has broken through my gum but it's hard to catch on the camera (my slobber creates a shine that reflects off the camera and causes a distraction). I don't think most people can see it like this but trust me, it's there. His neighbor next door is also deciding to show his face as well. He hasn't quite made it through the gummy terrain but should do so shortly. And then I'll have two pearly whites to show the world. Can't wait for you to meet them!

Into the Teens

No, I'm not a teenager yet but I did hit the teens today for my weight! I had my 9 month check up today and I now weigh a whopping 13 pounds 15 ounces...ALMOST 14 pounds! I gained a little over two pounds from my last check-up three months ago! Just call me a porker! Other highlights of my visit included being tickled on my tummy by the doc, showing him my mad standing skills (well with his help of course), laying stretched out on my back while this lady marked places above my head and below my feet (my height is now 26 1/4 inches) and sitting up on the scale (this was a first...usually I lay on it). The doc said I looked great and am just a petite baby. Do you know how many times I have heard that word since I've been in this world? I think everytime someone looks at me I hear that word. Even the ladies at the check out said the word while looking at me. Petite, petite, petite. So folks, looks like I am in good shape and won't need to go back until I turn one. But that's just around the corner!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A New Game For All to Try

Hi There! I have a new game out there for all my pals. I explain it in good detail below along with pictures to give you a clearer picture of my new game. If any of you have fun games you want to share with me, feel free! I'm always open to new ideas! Hope you enjoy this one! Oh yeah, start in an upright position. You can choose to start in the position you see me in here or start from a straight upright position. Your choice...then just fall back a little...oh but be sure there are pillows behind you to catch you. You definitely need pillows or else you'll just fall flat on your back. AND be sure to do this while an adult is supervising you. Okay? Read on!

Now, for the Fun Part

Now, after you fall backwards you just knock your head around. Just let it go back and forth, back and forth against the pillows. I mean, it is just so fun! I get such a big kick out of it! And when you get tired of that, just get your toes and roll around. Now your mommies may wonder if everything is okay in your head. . .my mom does. But let them know that you are an intelligent, sharp baby who just enjoys a little head knocking fun every now and again. Oh and try it on the back of your high chair or booster seat too...that really drives my mommy crazy and probably will your's too. The sound it makes is amazing! It's all in good fun me! I'll be saying my abc's before you know it!

Now, For the Hard Part

So, now after a few knocks around on the pillow I strain to pull myself back up to the seated position. It's kinda hard...especially if you are a little tyke such as I. But don't worry..I believe you can do it...big or small. Oh and don't my legs look really long in that one photo...I mean, hello, am I an ostrich or something? Where did those long legs come from?

And Then I'm Back to Square One!

And after much striving and I am...back at square one! What fun I have! If anyone needs some good ideas to keep you me and I'll be sure to give you some great ideas! Oh and sorry about the tempermental face...I was just a little tuckered out. Oh and check out my hair....what a "do" I am sporting! It's all that static electricity that gets surging through you while you knock your head back and forth on those pillows. Oh and mommy thought that one picture with the really disgruntled look and hair looks a lot like her! Not much of a compliment I have to say. But mommy says it is a typical look for her...never ready for the photo!

And When I Can't Make It

And sometimes I don't quite make I just give in and camp out here until mommy chooses to get me up herself. Thank goodness I have my thumb to keep me company!

I'm Nine Months Old Today!

Hi Folks! Here I am...nine months! Do I look bigger? Do you like my outfit? Grandma Hart got this for me. It's a little skirt for those of you whose eyes aren't too sharp. It has a little cherry top to match it. I think I look so stylish in it. And I must say, I enjoy the color orange. Thanks Grandma! Love you!

Snack Time!

Well, do I have a funny tale for you! You see, lately mommy has been giving me these little bite sized crackers for babies. Now, I am not yet the most coordinated baby on the block so I have a little trouble picking them up and getting them to my mouth. Now, I've done it a couple of times but it is just such hard work! So, I have found pleasure in teaming up with my buddy Emmett and letting him enjoy these tasty treats instead...and I do mean tasty! Just watch below to see what I mean. Oh yeah, I spilled water on my top...that's why I am doing the topless look! Read down below to see more about that!

Emmett...Snack Time!

First, I have to make sure Emmett is coming. So I peek around my chair to spot him and to let him know the festivities are about to begin.

My Patient Puppy

So while I try to get these miniscule pieces of food into my hands, Emmett waits ever so patiently for the hand off. He doesn't whine, bark, or even howl. Knowing that his reward will come shortly, he just waits at my side...sometimes right by my side. Poor mommy. She too waits patiently, hoping, praying, that I will choose to feed myself and not throw yet another piece on the floor to Emmett. Sorry,'s just such a fun game...I can't resist!

And Now For the Handoff

And then...after he patiently waits for the goods...I drop the cracker onto the ground for him to fetch! What a fun game! Mom got lots of shots of this enjoy!

Where's My Shirt?

I bet you are wondering where my shirt is.'s not on me! I was drinking some water out of mommy's cup and was doing quite the good job until a little overflowed and soaked my shirt. So to avoid being damp for the rest of the afternoon...we just decided to take that old thing off! How nice and refreshing for a hot and humid June day! I know, I know, I can't get used to this feeling...daddy makes me well aware of that. But they don't mind that I do it now.

So Delicious!

Betcha didn't know I can eat a cracker by myself did you? Well, I sure can! What a treat that is! It tastes so delicious...well...until it gets soggy from me gumming it around. Then I just drop it on the floor for Emmett to get. We work as a team, he and you saw from the previous pictures of course.

Just Doin' Some Laundry

I've become a bit of a better helper lately. Last time you saw me helping with the laundry...well...I was just riding in the basket so mom wouldn't have to carry me and the basket of clothes. I don't know if you really call that helping! But the other day...I got right to work. I was a little confused, however, on how to get mommy's shorts folded. Do you see my bewildered face? But all in all, I was proud of myself for contributing that day...hence the big smile! Oh and mommy said she's sorry the bed isn't made. It was just one of those days (all the more reason for me to pitch in and help!).

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Special Shout Out

Here's a special shout out to those who love me in Kennesaw, GA (that's you Grandmama and Grandaddy!)! Thanks so much for my great onesie. I can now fit into it...although I think it was created for a Chub Baby...short and fat. It's a little snug length-wise and quite baggy width-wise. But I still love it! I'm giving you a big wave! Thanks and can't wait to see you soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Serious Faces

So here are my serious faces. I told mommy to do them in black and white to get the full effect of my seriousness. She decided to do one in color. Not long after these shots I got pretty fussy. This was the calm before the storm.

My Big Girl Cup

So I never took a bottle but I feel pretty good about this here cup. I've gotten pretty good at picking it up by myself and putting it into my mouth. I enjoy the refreshing water the squirts out. I told mommy to get a couple of shots with me drinking out of my cup. I want people to see how big I look.

Hello Again!

Just practicing my wave again on you. Hello (Are you waving back?)!

It's Been Awhile

Mommy says it's been awhile since I've done a pose like this. So we shot another one for all to see. Can you tell I'm growing up? My hair is turning into such long and luxurious locks. Well, except for all those sprouts that stick straight up in the back...but one day those too will be long and luxurious. You just wait.

Small and Mighty

So I haven't updated you lately on the Chub Olympics or my training. But I think these pictures say it all. I mean, this ball is no light weight! It's definitely A LOT heavier than my pink one you are most familiar with. But I can pick it up and raise it to my mouth! Hey, I have to taste test everything! My arms will no longer be called noodles after practicing moves like these! Watch out Chubs everywhere...Hannah Harman is no wimpy baby!

I Love This Thing!

I just love this moving ball. Aunt Ashley got it for me for Christmas. It's actually a toy that encourages you to crawl. Well, while I'm not ready to crawl yet, it still is a great toy for sitting up! It flashes all these colors and makes all these sounds and plays music. It rolls all around. What a clever little ball! Thanks Aunt Ash! Great idea!

Just Havin' Some Fun!

Mommy and I were being silly the other day! I put on (or should I say mom put on) my pink swim hat while I was playing. As you can see, (well unless you're color blind..and if you are...I am terribly sorry) the hat does not match my striped shirt. That's why it is just so silly! I mean, come on, who would intentionally match two patterns of two completely different colors together (unless again you are colorblind)?? So anyhoo....we got a good chuckle but then I was ready to get that hat off. It was cramping my style. And I started to get a little sleepy as you can see too. But we had a good time and a good laugh. That's what it's all about, isn't?