Friday, October 02, 2009

Another Trip to Bham

Like May, September is a fun filled birthday month! Just like Grant's and Allie's birthdays are in May, Kyle's and my birthday are in September. So we headed on over to Birmingham in early September to celebrate Kyle's second birthday. And what would a visit to Grandma's and Papa's be without popsicles? We enjoyed our popsicles while sitting on the side porch. Grant, of course, needed some aide from Papa. Afterwards, Allie picked a flower and because of that, so could I (don't worry Grandma, Papa gave me the okay)! Then we enjoyed some posing for the camera. Allie and I are only 16 months apart but she's MUCH taller than I am. I think she thinks I'm a baby because of it. She still likes to talk to me in her "baby voice" as if I were Grant's age. Oh well, I'll just roll with it. She's a great cousin!