Monday, July 05, 2010

"Bankey Boy"

You know what's a travesty? Bath time. Not for me, but for Bankey Boy. If only you could see the distraught look on my face as I watch Bankey Boy tumble to and fro in the washer. Mommy said he needed a bath. I quickly learned his bath takes a lot longer than my baths. And then, don't get me started on the drying phase. I was an absolute mess. For two hours I cried off and on as I called his name, "Bankey Boy!" As any good parent would, I checked on him frequently. But it brought me no comfort. Only when he was returned to me, clean and a bit warm as well as emitting a nice fragrance I might add, did I finally relinquish my anguish and return to my normal state. Separating me and Bankey Boy is like separating peanut butter from jelly. It's sheer devastation.


Mary said...

Poor Grant, and poor Bankey Boy! Hope they are both at peace now! : )