Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flowers and Butterflies

Grant and I love to look at the flowers outside. We especially like to look at the butterflies and bees that land on these flowers. While we were in Birmingham this past week, Grandma caught Grant "petting" a bumble bee (the big fuzzy kind) on their sunflowers. Daddy says those aren't too harmful. That's good news for Grant. We've "petted" our share of bugs that have visited our friendly flowers. I'm guessing they're friendly. The bugs like them. In fact, they like them so much that it takes a lot to distract them. Hence, the free for all pet fest we have been able to have. Here I am observing a butterfly. I feel bad for this guy though. He's a bit lack luster. But I'll still call him my friend. And Mommy says that there is great beauty in the plain and simple. That's how God made this little butterfly. Plain and simple.


LB said...

great pictures!! The other day I found Ada chasing and trying to catch a wasp. She thought it was a lightening bug.

Mary said...

Oh I LOVE those pictures! Those deserve to be in a frame on the wall, I think! You captured so perfectly her expression!