Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mommy's Moment: While They're Away

So, it's Wednesday. Tomorrow I head to Birmingham to meet back up with these two goof balls. I am ready. Just looking at these pictures makes me ready to be with them. Some of you have asked what I've done. Well, nothing too exciting, but that's how I like it. I've managed to deep clean our bathroom and their bathroom. I won't even tell you when the last time I did that was. In fact, I don't remember! I dusted. I took naps. I slept in. I watched What Not to Wear and A Baby Story (a throw back to the old days). John and I watched a movie (and I'm trying to convince him that we need to eat at O'Charley's tonight. It used to be our go to place before having kids. Their rolls are awesome. But, he's trying to keep us on a tight budget so we'll see about that). I played the Wii. Yep, call me a kid at heart. I worked on my shooting skills and my memory skills. I love the matching game. I tackled some much needed laundry. Made and ate some late dinners. Scrapbooked (which hopefully I'll do more of today). Did some reading. All in all, it's been a restful and rejuvenating time. But I realize where my heart is during the day. With my kiddos. They're what keep me going at the house. And even though it can be a frustrating, tiring, and an overwhelming job, I really do love it. I was pleased to hear today that Hannah actually asked Mom about me. I was beginning to worry that they would be disappointed to head back home! I am thankful for Mom and Dad for entertaining them for these past few days. I know it's been a special time for Hannah and Grant! I'm sure I'll hear some stories! So, off I go to coupon (yuck) and then hopefully on to more interesting things!


LB said...

oh, I hope ya'll get to go to O'Charleys. Chili's was our go-to place before kids.

Learning as we Live said...

Sounds like you've had a great break!