Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy's Moment: Pregnancy Update

Me at 25 weeks with baby
me at 26 weeks with Grant

So, since I've got some free time on my hands, why not blog again?! I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I took a glamorous picture for you today to capture my belly so to compare it to my 26 week pregnant picture with Grant. I figured, it's close enough. The blue shirt was when I was pregnant with Grant. I am glad to see my stomach seems much bigger at this point with Grant. Because now, even moreso, I'm hoping this baby isn't as big. My doctor's appointment today was very informative. I usually remind the doctor that my last baby was 9lbs. 12 oz. to see what precautions need to be made since Grant's delivery was miserable. I hadn't seen this doctor at all this pregnancy. I'm glad I did today. Apparently Grant's delivery was more risky than I realized. She asked if he got stuck. He did. To which she advises any mother who has had a baby get stuck and be that size enter into a c-section for subsequent deliveries if the baby is measuring large. My body dialted to 4 cm and was fully effaced for two weeks with Grant but he refused to drop down because he was too big to fit down there. Only because my water broke was labor kicked into high gear (sort of). Thus, he got stuck and the labor wasn't pretty. It was nightmarish to be honest. The doc said the outcome isn't always as good as it was with Grant, who, finally was sucked out of me. Poor guy. She said with a baby that size the risk is great for it to get stuck and only fit its head out. Complications are common. My eyes were probably big as saucers while she told me this because she said, I just want to make sure you understand. Oh I do. And can I say I am so thankful for the Lord's protection over Grant's delivery? Anyways, my other doctor, the one who sucked Grant out of me with the vacuum, told me I could be induced. Not so. Only if my body has begun labor, meaning I'm dialating and effacing (which thankfully I do pretty early), can I be induced at 38 weeks 3 days. If not, I can opt for a c-section or try my hand at delivering a possibly big baby. If it comes to that point, I think I'll have to opt for a c-section. Oh yeah, she asked what we are having. Of course, we don't know. She said it's helpful to know if it's going to be a boy or a girl in a situation like this because girls are easier to deliver than boys (I can vouch for that). SO, it may be that we have to find out. We'll see. If it means the safety of our baby then we definitely will. Oh the drama. But as I look at the pictures above I still lean towards girl because my stomach is smaller which hopefully means a baby that doesn't weigh more than 9 lbs. So that's my update. All looks good for the little squirt at this point. I got three more pictures of him/her. I think I'll have a scrapbook full just of ultrasound pictures by the time this one arrives. But it's fun to see him/her so often! Thanks for reading this far. I'll be back with more exciting pictures of Hannah and Grant. Now, I'm off to enjoy another kid free day!


Mary said...

WOW! That definitely must have made you take a deep breath and thank God for him keeping you & Grant safe! I agree, you are much smaller than you were with Grant at that point. You are so cute when pregnant! (Well , all the time, but you know what I mean!) What are you doing with your free time? Hope you're having fun!! :)

Learning as we Live said...

You look awesome!!

The Noonan's said...

So grateful for God's protection even when you don't know what is going on! and your hair looks great!

LB said...

Looking great!! Wow, that is a lot of information that you received. And I echo the others--praise the Lord for protecting Grant and you!! I will pray for clear direction on the c-section, etc. etc. Maybe your body will just do what it's supposed to do and you can be induced, or, who knows, maybe you will just go into labor early.