Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Lake: Part One

There's a lake in the back of our neighborhood. We love to go. Some evenings when we're bored (or Mommy has had just about all she can take) we head to the lake. There's lots of stuff to do and see. For example, you can take in the beautiful scenery. Grant is giving you a clear picture of what that looks like. He thinks he can spot fish from way up there. We hate to break it to him that whatever he's seeing aren't fish. He's young. Give him time. Or you can find BIG DEAD SNAKES floating in the water. Of course Daddy had to get a better look. Thankfully we are unable to transmit smell waves (or whatever you call them) through the computer. Take it from us...he STUNK. But that didn't ruin our fun. Also, you can look for rocks. Grant and I LOVE rocks. Or, you can find seaweed looking plants. And, not to mention, you can get bit by lots of mosquitoes. But we're willing to pay that price for a walk down by the lake.