Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pennies, Pennies, Pennies, Pennies...PENN-IES!

So, I'm sure most of you heard, I LOVE pennies! So much so that I've devoured at least two. I feel this photo captures my passion for them. I enjoy carrying them around and then putting them back into my ducky bank. I even gave some to Jesus at church a few weeks ago in the offering. However, after finding some more pennies (I DO have an eye for spotting any penny in the near vacinity on the ground) I said, "Jesus has enough pennies." I put it in my ducky bank. For those of you concerned about my penny fetish, please be aware that anytime I find a penny I give it to Mommy and advise her to "put it in my ducky bank." This picture was taken under adult supervision.
P.S. Did you see our new poll to vote on our new baby? Tell us what you think by voting. We've had a poor turn out and need a little love.


LB said...

okay, I just tried to vote, and it didn't show up. It may not be working correctly.

I voted girl, by the way, but that's only because of what you've said.