Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our "New" Room (A Bit Overdue)

Well, we've been bunking together since the end of April. It's just taken Mommy that long to get a picture. But here it is. Well, most of it. The wall across from the bed holds our shelves. And that corner is our "reading corner" where our piggy and froggy sit. If you notice strangely colored spots on the wall, it's not your eyes. Mommy got the wrong type of paint to color over my pink spots. And, well, as you can see, 3 months later, still hasn't fixed it. The art work on the wall is done by none other than me and Grant of course. We're still waiting on Mommy to put our ceiling tile artwork over our beds. And, we obviously didn't change the green paint. Still not Mommy's favorite but it works and it saved time, money, and energy (which Mommy just doesn't have a lot of these days). All in all, we love our room. My favorite part is having Grant with me. Man, have we had some adventures already like eating pennies, throwing every article of clothing and every diaper out of the drawers, jumping off the beds, coloring on the walls (that's me), coloring on the dresser (that was me too), breaking the blinds (that's Grant) and crawling into bed togther (just to name a few).


Mary said...

Love the room!! It looks really, really cute.