Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mommy's Moment: Mischevious

I'm sick. At 12:30 my little buddies were all tucked away in their rooms. Perfect, I thought. Naptime for me too. However, only one of my little buddies was cooperating, Kate. The other two were not. At all. In fact, if you heard them you would think they were having a party. I decided to crash the party. Upon entering I found my middle child, Grant, trying to sit in a drawer. At the sight of me he quickly returned to his bed. Too groggy and puny to take it to the next level, I shut the door, eager to nap myself. However, I made a mistake. A few short minutes later I heard a thud followed by shriekish yells I hadn't heard before. I RACED (probably faster than I ran at my peak in track) to their room to find what I thought I would find. Two little bodies looking up at me from underneath the chest of drawers that had fallen on top of them. Screaming. I freaked out. Grant came out easily. Hannah did not. Her two tiny little feet were caught underneath a drawer. I'll admit, I said a few choice words. I panicked. I HOLLERED to the Lord for help. I was so afraid those little feet would be broken. Thankfully, they were not and somehow, thanks to the Lord, they came out. By the Lord's protection, Hannah and Grant both came out unscathed. Scared, but unscathed.
I have never felt so much adrenaline pump through my body before. I'm still shaking. After the three of us calmed down, Grant said, "pray to Jesus." So we did. And I included in my prayer one of repentance for my "bad words" I said in the heat of the moment. I always wonder how I will respond in the midst of an emergency. I want to think I'll be calm, cool, and collected. Yeah, that's not me. I freak out. But I am honestly thankful that the Lord is bigger than my "freak outs" and that He is there in the midst of the chaos too and He doesn't freak out.
On a lighter note, I called my Mom to share and she called my kids "mischieveous." They so are. To the outsider you wouldn't think so. But what they have gotten into since sharing that room is crazy. Blinds have been broken, diapers thrown, toys scattered, beds stripped, music blared, furniture colored on, and diaper cream spread. Perhaps it's bad parenting. I know I could do more to stop the madness but I will admit, lately, if they're in their room and Kate's asleep...I let some of the noise slide. But, probably not so much anymore.
And on a side note, my little Kate, she slept through the whole ordeal. And she still is...along with those two mishchievious kids.


Courtney said...

oh Jess, I'm SO sorry - that must have been super scary, I'm sure! I'm thankful y'all are all ok. And I hope you feel better soon!!! You know Cole & Savannah have slept overnight in the same room all of Cole's life, but they have always napped separately. Savannah sleeps in our bed for her nap. If I need a nap, I sleep on the couch. Anyways, that has seemed to help them both get a nap in the afternoon.

The Noonan's said...

So glad all of your super human, Mama strength could come out and your little ones are ok. For posterity sake I think I might add the adventures in coin eating to your list of mischief. Hang in there friend - never a dull moment!

Jessica said...

Kelly, I can't believe I left the coin eating out..I thought of that after I wrote the post..haha. How could I have forgotten?

Mary said...

That had to be scary, the Lord must have really been watching over them because it seems like they could have easily broken some bones! We have done that too, Abbie & Irene used to love to clear all the books off the bookshelf and pretend they were bunk beds, and tipped it over once. Funny thing is, they HAVE REAL bunk beds!! KIDS!!