Saturday, March 19, 2011

New "Do"

Check. It. Out. Who's that handsome, hip, dude? It's me guys. Don't let this look fool you. It's still Grant. Now that our hairstylist, Mrs. Kim, has moved I've had to search for a new stylist. And stylist I found. Little did I know upon entering the local Super Cuts that I not only would get a haircut but I'd also get that haircut styled. I don't think Mommy even recognized me as I moseyed into the house with my "off the chain" style. Unfortunately, Mommy or Daddy have not kept up the look. "But that's okay (my favorite new saying now)." Daddy says real men don't use hair product. I'm a real man (except for those times I ask Mommy to give me a squirt of her hairspray, but that's just between us).


travelingstacey said...

cute! : )

Bethany said...

Adorable! You can let Grant know that Uncle Tim uses "hair product" every day, and he is definitely a "real" man! Ha. Real men can be stylish, too. ;)