Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mommy's Moment:Life

I'm lacking quality pictures. You know, those, creative, funny, capture the moment, kind of pictures. And when I lack quality pictures, I lack posts. But, the pictures above, well, that's real life. They aren't perfect. They aren't carefully proportioned and the kids aren't posed. But, this is what we look like. Half the time (and I'm being generous with that percentage) my kids often don't make it into carefully laid and planned outfits. Hannah, well, she ends up in some sort of mismatched, Punky Brewster array and lately, I don't have it in me to argue. For the moment, and I do mean moment, she has chosen to grace the world with her Black Swan attire. Her hair. Oh her hair. I will be so bold to say many a days, if we don't leave the house, I don't brush it. If you want to know why, I invite you to come and sit while I run a brush through it. Apparently, I take after my own mom when it comes to working through tangles.

As for Grant, well, he actually matches in this picture. That's a major accomplishment. There's no telling what he'll wind up in by the end of the day. He too changes several times a day, however, not due to a keen fashion sense but due to an amazing inability to hold his bladder or, well, you know. Thanks to a recent hair cut his hair maintains some sort of decency.

As for why they have placed chairs out our front door, it is one of their many "games" they make up together. Perhaps this was the "train" or the "movie feater." As for me, this was my, get out of my hair for just a few minutes game. It worked. For a minute. As you can see Hannah has a stand in for Kate.

But, this is life. It's not what I expected. I'm not the mother I expected to be. It isn't neatly packaged. Nope. Not in our house. And, I'm sure not in most houses. If you walked through my door you would be met with a mess. Another mess. It seems impossible for me to maintain a house that I am not embarrassed for someone to walk into. I've had to swallow my pride many a times as people unexpectedly have stopped by. Often greeted by children who could be the poster children for an area plagued by a natural disaster as well as a home that also could be described as having undergone a natural disaster of its own, my guests have got to be wondering what in the heck goes on in here.

But then I remember.

Laughter. Imagination. Discipline. Teaching. Learning. Love. That's what I have to remind myself. It's not neatly packaged. We won't be gracing the pages of Southern Living. But this is life. Our life. The real deal. And one day, one day, my house will be clean. My kids will be grown (and well groomed I'm sure, I hope). And I will long for the messiness again.


travelingstacey said...

Hey Jessica...
I couldn't help but smile at this post...because I feel like I can totally relate! One day we'll actually be able to have a few hours to ourself in the house and we'll miss the noise and chaos! I try to remind myself to enjoy it while I can...at least that's what other moms who have grown kids tell me : ). Now to go take the plastic golf club away from my son before he hurts someone! :D

Jess said...

Let me tell you something!
I think you are doing a fantastic job. You, my friend are encouraging because you paint a realistic picture. One that we all can relate to. Thanks for keeping it real! P.S. Love the Black Swan get-up! Do you ever wonder if they will still speak to us one day, with all these pictures we take of them??? I mean they kinda set themselves up for it. :)

The Noonan's said...

Jessica - I've never walked into your house and thought anything other than - this feels like a real home - one I can sit on the couch and enjoy! You have great/goofy/silly/happy kids, a welcoming home and a willingness to share what you have with others - I don't know where 'perfect' world exists but I bet it wouldn't make me want to just stop by and say HEY! Hope you have a great rainy day with those characters of yours - love their creativity!

Courtney said...

so well written, Jess! I seriously have tears in my eyes! I try to remember when I get weary of the mess (doing the dishes & laundry over and over and over...) that I am SO GLAD that we have a "lived-in" house - a messy house that is full of our family. And though the days are LONG, the years are short. love you!

Mary said...

I just want to say "What she said" to what Kelly said already! Your house is always so welcoming! Whatever magazine we read somewhere along the way that gave us the idea that we would have children who were always cute and, even clean, and a house that stayed clean even while we didn't watch what the kids were doing because we were busy cooking Paula Deen's latest recipe...well I just don't read those magazines anymore! haha!!! You're a fantastic mom, a great friend and we love you all!!!