Saturday, March 12, 2011

Taking Notes

It seems I have a lot to learn. Take playing in the rice, for instance. Apparently there are rules. The rule of top priority: keep the rice off of the floor. Hannah and Grant are kindly modeling that for me. Word on the street is they have broken that rule. It wasn't pretty. So, I take notes. I sit back. I watch. I learn. I have a feeling there are a lot more rules to learn. I also have a feeling that Hannah and Grant haven't quite learned all the rules yet. The screaming, yelling, crying, lots of prayer time, and "I'm sorry's" and " I forgive you's" are dead give aways. So, I'm taking thorough notes. Very thorough notes.
On the subject of notes, here's a side note. Hannah did not get a perm. Nope. Mommy braided her hair (yes, the braiding has turned into braiding madness) and let Hannah sleep on it. The results, well, you can see it. A little crazy if you ask me. But Mommy said Grandma used to do it to Mommy's hair when she was little. Not sure if that's cool anymore Mom. But, then again, I'm only 4 months.