Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Thousand Gifts: 16-20

Another week has passed. With its passing come new gifts to be thankful for. Yesterday John and I celebrated seven years of marriage. Our celebration came with little fanfare but with much contentment. Little fanfare simply because that's where we're at right now, a season where celebrating an anniversary means enjoying our family and grabbing a bite to eat at Zaxby's (hey Zaxby's was our celebration dinner the night we got engaged...that's just how we roll). And, with much contentment because celebrating another year of marriage is not about fancy dinners or extravagent plans, but about what the Lord has done in both of us through 7 years of sharing our life together. And He has done a lot. Besides blessing us with three beautiful children, He has blessed us in so many, many ways. But, more importantly, He has changed us. Changed us for His glory. Changed us for our good. Changed us for the better. Marriage is great. Marriage is hard. Marriage is for His glory and our sanctification. With joy, I can look back and see His work in my life. I can see growth, fostered and carried out by Him, not me. This reminds me yet again of His faithfulness to me, my husband, our marriage. With that...

I am thankful for:

#16: my marriage and the Lord's commitment to it

#17: a gift card that came through the mail yesterday through an anonymous friend
(thank you friend if you are reading this, we are truly thankful).

#18: a daughter who is not inhibited by fear when meeting new people and going
to new places.

#19: $10 off of $10 coupons

#20: a run on a beautiful afternoon listening to worship music and being reminded

of our great and awesome God.


Lisa said...

What wonderful blessings, happy anniversary and I wish you many, many more years of happiness!!!!