Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introducing Your Baby to Solids...The Third Child Way

As I said before, being the third child has its advantages. Eating solid foods is no exception. I've documented some of those advantages that I'm sure the first born children were deprived of. So if your a third born...or fourth, or fifth, or nineteeth if you are a part of the Duggar's family, then this post is for you. When you're feeling as though your being tossed from one sort of contraption to another during the day and missing out on those special snuggle times or reading marathons your older siblings enjoyed, take heart. There are advantages to your birth order. Advantages that can literally be found right at your fingertips. Just take a look.

As a third child, you're allowed to get messy. really. messy. By the third child, moms have given up on their desire to see a clean face after every bite. In fact, the only time you're wiped is after all the cereal as been devoured (or spit back out onto your bib or previously super cute outfit). And we all know messy=fun.

Who said you need to be 18 months to start feeding yourself? Because there are other kids in the house that are competing for Mom's attention, you're given full control of the wheel. Yahoo. Sure I have no gross motor skills for such a task but who cares? It's like a game. See how close to the mouth you can get with the spoon. Bonus points if any of the food actually gets in.

Thirsty after all that action? Well, have a drink. Of Coke that is. Mommy's so deprived of sleep and sanity from running after three energetic kids that she has no idea what she's offering me.

Finally, well, I'm not quite sure what being a third child and eating solid foods has to do with this picture. It's just plain awesome. I do think that my face looked something like this as I came out of the womb...and the baby food, well that is a lot like that cheesy stuff I was coated in.

So, take heart all you third, fourth, Duggar children. This could be you. Enjoying the freedom of your birth order as you munch on some chow.

*disclaimer: no Coke was actually consumed while taking these pictures.


Eric Groover said...

I was totally laughing out loud the whole time reading this post (ask Eric)! You are so funny!!!

Jenny said...

First, I have to say that Kate is gorgeous! Love those eyes!
Second, even my mother commented to me a few weeks ago about how I give Emily stuff now that I would have freaked out about giving Andrew at that age. I guess you do all your freaking out with your first, and by the second you just go with it. I always say I made all my mistakes with Andrew :) Lol.

Mary said...

This one had me laughing out loud, you are so funny! Amazing how much we loosen up out of a need to preserve our sanity!!! : )