Thursday, July 21, 2011


Like I said before, being a third born has its perks.

Sure, I miss naps, get dragged around to different events, rarely get NEW clothes or toys for that matter, occassionaly get my feeding times pushed back, sit in a soiled diaper a bit too long, and miss some of that special one on one attention that easily gets lost in the chaos of the days.

BUT, there are some perks.

Today, I enjoyed one.

A sucker.

Word on the street is that Hannah, and Grant for that matter, would have never been allowed to taste, let alone, savor a sucker before they were one...heck even before they were  two.

But, at the young age of nine months, I enjoyed a sucker. While the chaos of the day does take away Mommy's attention at times, this can work in my favor. While Mommy cleaned up the kitchen, Hannah, seeing the elevated interest in my eyes as they remained glued to her sucker, so kindly practiced what Mommy preaches, sharing.

I'm a fan of sharing.

A lick for her, two licks for me. Way to go above and beyond Hannah. I even got a few licks off of Grant's blue sucker.

I hardly could contain myself from the sheer excitement of the sugar that soaked into my tongue and rushed through my blood. 

And can you believe it, upon seeing my new found interest, Mommy did not take the sucker away but instead, captured this priceless moment on the camera while I continued to enjoy this delicacy?! 

And that, my friends, is a perk to being the third born.


Mary said...

So cute!