Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunscreen Warning

You can't trust um. At least that's what the news has been saying lately. Who am I speaking of? The sunscreen companies. It seems they've been misleading us this whole time. False advertising is to blame it seems. We haven't been spared from those UVB rays. But, thankfully, Mommy has me well covered. Not in sunscreen, but in special swimsuit clothing. My special strawberry swimsuit (and matching, rather floppy and large, hat). Thanks to this getup, I'm well protected from the sun while lounging at the pool. Okay, it's not so much lounging, it's more like being carried like a sack of potatoes from the mushroom pool to the big pool while Mommy keeps up with the other two. But, we'll say it's lounging. It sounds more relaxing. And, in the midst of all that "lounging" I'm being protected from those harmful rays IN STYLE.

Mommy would like me to add the money saving that's going on here as well. Not only is my health being protected in this getup, so is Mommy's wallet. Thanks to my rashguard and hat we are spending less on sunscreen. Also, my bikini bottoms are, well, a swim diaper. So, we are also not buying swim diapers. Take that you money sucking diaper companies. And she snagged this getup for about $3 thanks to, yet again, Zulily.

And that's all I have to say about that. Word to your mother.


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