Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being Nosey

I'm a tired guy. Take this picture for example. Mommy instructed me to go upstairs and get my underware on (yes, I'm totally naked under Blankey Boy). I made it halfway up the stairs, took a rest, fell asleep. Sure, I play hard. Hannah keeps me on my toes in the role of "Jack," "brother," or, my favorite, "puppy." However, I'm glad to know my tiredness may be a result of something more. Otherwise I don't know how I can keep these roles up.

You see, I've had a hard time breathing through my nose as of late. Mommy chalked it up to allergies TWO MONTHS ago. However, here we sit in July, a non allergy season, and I still remain stuffy. In fact, as I sleep, you can hear the chaos. If I crawl in bed with Mommy and Daddy I get jabs to my side to be quiet. I know, right? How can they do such a thing?

Well, come to find out, I have a very small nasal passage that has created my difficulty to breathe. I'm also known to snore on occassion. I went to see the ENT doctor yesterday. I had fun. Seriously. I got a sticker out of it and a fun ride on the swivel chair. The doc told Mommy my adenoids are large. In hopes to calm them down I get four squirts in both nostrils a day. We hope this calms the problem down. If not, well, it's to the surgery table.

Yesterday our conversation went like this,

Mommy: Grant lets squirt this up your nose.
Me: I don't want to.
Mommy: Then you can go to the hospital (or wherever) and have surgery.
Hannah: Grant, you don't want to go to the hospital.
Grant: No.
Mommy: Okay let's squirt this up your nose.

I gave in.

So, it seems having liquid squirted up my nose four times a day should help with my fatigue. Apparently all that stuffiness keeps me from a good night's sleep. Or so Mommy thinks.

I've got a months worth of nose squirts coming my way. We're praying every night my nose opens up. I can't take too much more nose squirting. And I've only done it a day.