Sunday, July 03, 2011

Prima Ballerina

It all started several months back. At my birthday, if you recall. My ballerina birthday. My hopes of becoming that prima ballerina began.

The past several months, I, along with a few of my friends, have been diligently practicing for our big debut as ballerinas. Miss Anna led us along this magical journey.

And, last month, we had our debut, our recital. Miss Anna wrapped our hair up in buns, painted our faces, and led us up on stage.

And we danced.

I managed to keep my tongue in my mouth most of the time. I've been working on that.

Overall, it was a success. So much so, that Miss Anna agreed to do it again in the fall. Although, I'm sad to lose some of the ballerinas (Lucy and Addyson) I look forward to sharpening my dancing skills. Next year perhaps we'll be well equipped to bust out some M.C. Hammer moves and...oh...wait...wrong genre. Let's try that again, maybe next year we'll be well equipped to take on, well, whoever is a really good ballet dancer. Someone who ends with the letters -chsky....

I bid you adieu. (courtsy)