Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hey Good Lookin'

I have a new friend. It seems it's just hard for us to connect. It's strange. I only see her through this window. She seems just as happy to see me as I do to see her. We laugh. Touch hands. I even tried to give her a kiss. But the connection, it just wasn't there. Odd. Other babies I've seen I can actually grab their hair, hands, clothes. But not this friend. She may be shy. That's what I'm gathering. I'll give her some time. It may just take that for her to come around and step out of her shell. You know what the oddest thing is though? Her mommy looks A LOT like mine.

Speaking of Mommy, obviously she DID NOT use Windex on this mirror and realizes these pictures will never be stolen to be used in ANY glass cleaner commercial.