Friday, July 01, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Funny story along the lines of welcome.

It was early,early in our marriage. The topic of discussion: shower hooks. You know, the top of the discussion list for most marriages, right?

I like to decorate. It's a way to make our home welcoming. A place people feel comfortable and at ease. . .even in the bathroom.

We were hanging the shower curtain downstairs. I disliked the hooks that I had to use with our shower. John, the decorator he is, suggested to use the plastic hooks.

But that won't be welcoming, I said. I want the bathroom to look welcoming. What says the opposite of welcome like plastic hooks (sorry to all those who may have those in their home)?

So, I rearranged some things. Used the hooks that looked welcoming.

To this day John informs me of how welcomed he feels in our downstairs bathroom thanks to those hooks that hold our shower curtain up with such ease and style. (I'm writing with MUCH SARCASM here)

But, for you to get the full effect of how welcoming they made my bathroom feel, I've taken a picture.

WELCOME to my bathroom (or a piece of it).


Tiffany said...

I completely relate to this post! My husband is the exact same way. He never understands how these little things matter to me- but they do!
And your shower curtain hooks are very welcoming and beautiful- so much better than plastic.
Stopping by from The Gypsy Mama.

Brenda said...

You had me at your title! Very cute story...and poignant. No, plastic hooks will never do. Love the ones you chose to welcome your guests. Thanks for sharing! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Adorable and lovely bathroom by the way!
I enjoyed your humor (sarcasm) and your post.

Mary said...

I truly do think your bathroom (and the rest of your house) is VERY welcoming! I know it sounds like I'm being sarcastic but I am not, I love your house...I am not sure if I would feel less welcome with plastic shower hooks or not (haha!) but I doubt it...YOU are what makes your house welcoming! : )