Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas Challenge

You guessed it. I snagged this coin bank for Grant's Christmas. He is a huge Super Mario Brothers fan as well as a coin fan(this should bring back memories for my loyal readers). And, thanks to Nomorerack  I snagged this for $8 total, which, between me and you, looks like it should not be worth much more than that. But, believe it or not, it costs $30. Grant actually came in the office when I saw this deal and asked me if it was on sale because he'd like that. Hopefully he'll still think it's awesome come Christmas morning.

Nomorerack  is, you guessed it, another daily deal site. It has 8 new deals starting at 12pm daily. Some of the deals are cheapo, but some are really good. Most of the items are marked down 75%-90% off! They usually always have a kids' deal and then lots of other different, jewelry, etc. for adults. Then, the best part, shipping is ALWAYS $2. That way, you're not making up for the money you saved in the shipping cost.

If you've never signed up, click the link(s) above. Yes, I receive credit but I get credit by you simply signing up, not buying anything. Then, when I get x amount of friends who've signed up, I can get certain rewards. There was a Wii game I could get for the kids with 40 friends.

Oh yeah, a month or so ago I got Hannah and Kate two hairbows each FOR FREE (including shipping) from Savemore. I will put these in their stockings.

So, here's my Christmas breakdown:

total spent: $27.78
total left: $72.22
total gifts bought: 2 pillow pets, Super Mario coin bank, reusable coloring table cloth, Citiblox, Gbaby toy, rainmaker, four hairbows($3.97 per item...not including the hairbows)