Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Challenge

I think I'm done. Or really close.

I've been saving Amazon credit to buy Hannah a new dollhouse. It wasn't this one. I was saving up for the My Loving Family Grand Dollhouse. However, at the local consignment shop I'm using to sell clothes and toys I stumbled across this dollhouse.

It's smaller. But it's also cheaper. And it came with people and furniture. Granted, it is used but in mint condition. So I bought it. The good news, I had around $28 in store credit thanks to items I'd sold. I ended up paying $15 out of pocket. Also, I'm happy to not have a lot invested in it just in case(which happens frequently here)she realizes it wasn't her deepest desire to have a dollhouse after all.

And, that $25 I had in Amazon credit, I used to buy Grant this...

They were $19.99 but I spent $0. I think he and Hannah will have a blast with these. So, here's where I'm at...

Total spent: $42.78

Total remaining: $57.22

Total gifts bought: 2 pillow pets, one dollhouse, walkie talkies, mario brothers coin bank, GeoBaby toy, rainmaker, coloring/reusable table cloth, Citiblocs, 4 hairbows

10 gifts (counting the bows as one)averaging out to $4.28 each.

Not bad. 

I may get Kate one more toy. I have a toy in my gift closet that I've had for a year that likely will go under the tree for her. I also may switch the coloring table cloth for a Barbie I've also had in my gift closet for a year. It's a retro Barbie I snagged for dirt cheap at the Target toy clearance last winter. I think Hannah would love it. If I do, I'll adjust the price. And I may buy a few little things for their stockings. But I think as far as big gifts go, I'm done. I try to keep Christmas them three gifts each with a few stocking stuffers. Though, I'm tempted when I find a deal to add something more, though I'm trying to not do that. I don't want to be labeled a hoarder!!


Mary said...

You continue to amaze me!! Way to go!!