Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy's Moment: My Dear Kate

My Dear Kate,

My have you taken me for a ride this past year. I shall call you, "Marches to Her Own Beat, (that is if we were Native Americans)."

Let's start from the beginning:

1) you, my dear, were the only child to be induced, but that I can blame on your "almost 10 pound" brother. But perhaps that's what put you on your own path. So then, maybe all of this should be blamed on Grant. Wait, that's not fair.

2) your sleeping patterns were, well, non existant. There was no pattern. While Hannah and Grant slept through the night early on, you, my dear, slept through the night at about, ten months. It was while sitting in the dark nursery at 3 am that I realized I was still on a somewhat newborn schedule with my 9 MONTH OLD and that something had to give, it was you, though it took another good month for you to realize that.

3)When it came to nursing, you were my champ. My sweet Hannah, well, while she nursed, she was finicky, in ways I won't delve into in this setting. And Grant will always be dubbed "the formula baby" because his finicky nature landed him straight on the "failure to thrive" list and right onto the bottle. You, my dear, however are thriving mighty fine. So fine I'm a bit clueless as to how the weaning process will come to a successful ending, meaning only sippy cups. 

4) Let's talk about walking. You've made your mark. At 11 months you are well on your way to being an independent walker. Your siblings gave me more time to catch my breath between crawling and walking while you, well, you didn't. This suits you though. You're quite a ham. Quite forward with your little guy friends and usually the first to make a move. You ain't skeerd.

5) Back to food...well, we all read that last post. You take "being a ham" to a whole new level. There is no food you won't eat, except baby food. I don't blame you. I've never seen such ferociousness when it comes to eating.

6)You're my only baby I had to call poison control on. In your independence you snuck away from me to eat shampoo. I have a feeling it was more than a number five. Obviously, you're okay.

7) You've taken eczema to a whole new level, to the point where people see your legs and think you've been eaten by mosquitos. We'll work on that.

8) You're a dare devil. You go after it. Rarely is there fear in your eyes. You fell in the bathtub. When I quickly pulled you out my breath was held, waiting for the incessant crying to begin. It never did. Instead, you tried to do it again. Bathtime has never been the same. It's like trying to handle a wet turkey.

9) Your thighs, they're so much chubbier than your siblings'. Sometimes I just stare. To most, you are little, to me you are a CHUNK. Again, we'll attribute that to number 2 and number 5.

10) You've been dragged out of your bed one too many times to go with us on errands. You've been forced to stay awake longer than you could handle to go to an event. You've been subjected to the constant jabs, hugs, pulls, and manuevering by your siblings. All because you're our third baby.

You've rocked my world baby Kate. In my growing "mommy comfortability," you, my dear, thrust me out of it. The Lord has used you to
humble me and make me see yet again, my never ending need for Him. I've swallowed my pride several times as I've parented you this past year.

Sucker before one...check

upset schedule...check, check, check

crawling around on the chalk covered patio so I could get one thing done...check

nursing to sleep...check

allowing sister to carry you across the room...check

feeding you one too many goldfish so I could make dinner...check

allowing you to EAT an old goldfish on the floor...check

introducing whole milk at ten months...check

And the list goes on...

And while you have a sharp temper at times...most of the time you're all smiles and just "roll with it."

My dear baby Kate, I love you. I am thankful for your sweet life. I am thankful the Lord created you at just the right time.

Happy Birthday little one.


LB said...

LOVE IT!!! Happy birthday, Kate!!!!

Learning as we Live said...

I CANNOT believe she is 1 already!! Happy Birthday, Kate!

Mary said...

Oh, this is so sweet! It is truly amazing how much we are taught through our children. Kate has a wonderful mommy!