Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Butterfly Party

Did I tell you I turned one? I know Mommy did, but did I? Did you know I had a party? It seems somehow Hannah got to choose my theme. Butterflies. It wouldn't have been my first pick but seeing as though I can't talk (however I'm a great writer, funny) my opinion isn't worth much.

Had I chosen, we would be celebrating with a Tigger Mardi Gra theme.

Because I love Tigger. And I love to put on Mardi Gra beads (I'll explain another day).

But, on with the butterfly party.

Apparently, with a birthday comes a cake.

Here's mine:

This is me eating my cake.

No surprise, right? I'm a heifer when it comes to food. So when that sugary cake was set before me, I knew what I had to do.

And I did.


And that wasn't the only sugar available at my party.

There were also cookies. Butterfly cookies, of course. Ready to decorate. With lots of sugary icing. Mmmm. And while my party wasn't short on sugar, it was on my guests. It seems my birthday is a popular date for other activities and so my party guests consisted of my siblings, and my cousin Luke, who is also too young to decorate cookies.

Hannah and Grant were in heaven. And thankfully my grandparents were all there to enjoy their sugary creations.

I had a bite or two.

For some reason many packages adorned our fireplace. Hannah and Grant opened them. Apparently they're for me. But as you can tell from my photo, I am more concerned with other important things. Don't ask me what. However, Grant seems to have enough enthusiasm for the two of us as he opens my presents. In this case, a darling outfit from my bud, Lincoln. Grant's impressed.

One present that caught my eye right away was this beauty. Perhaps because it wasn't wrapped and just screamed, "crawl through me." So I did. Many enthusiastic times. Just stopping occassionally for a photo op.

In case you forgot my name, here I am posing in front of it. And no, that's not a smudge on your computer screen. That is a bruise on my head, accompanied by a goose egg. Compliments of the corner of our toy chest/coffee table.

Here I am, preparing for Toddlers and Tiaras. My talent, tight rope walking.

Like any good party, this one wore me out. I partied hard. There's nothing like relaxing in my favorite chair while sipping on some cool milk to calm a girl down. And it doesn't hurt to look good while doing it.


Mary said...

Jess, did you do any touching up on these photos? Oh my goodness Kate's eyes could not be any more beautifully blue! So glad she had a fun party! : ) So cute...what a wonderful mommy!