Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm Six Months Old Today!!!

Can you read my sign? In case you can' says I'm six months old today! I told mom to add the Whoooo Hooooo to capture the excitement you see on my face.'s hard to believe I'm this old. Life is good though for all you readers out there. Life is good. I'm looking forward to the next six months of my life. Looking back and reminescing (mommy and I don't know how to spell that word) I have really enjoyed the stroller rides, being naked...completely naked,
discovering my voice, discovering I can put my toes in my mouth, bathtime, and airplane. I look forward to what lies ahead and all the new things I will learn these next six months. Hey I'm a pensive gal.


Grandmama said...

Hannah, Happy 6 month birthday! You are so cute and yes I think that you have grown leaps and bounds. Grandmama and Grandaddy will come by to see you on Saturday if you aren't to busy. Grandaddy picked you out a dress for your 6 month birthday and we will bring it to you. Did you know that your cousins are coming home to America this week. You and Anabelle will have so much fun playing together. I love you Hannah and I love all your new pictures. Way to go Mom. Love