Friday, March 09, 2007

Eat More Chikin!

This is a little shout out to mommy who hates that silly Chick-fil-A commercial where the cows steal the burgers from the little boy in the back seat. What really gets her goat is when that annoying lady says, "Yes sweetie...cooowwww." So I'm getting those cows back who were the brunt of that commerical by gnawing on my new friend...the cow. While we do love Chick-fil-A, we don't like that horrid commercial. Just watch it next time, see if she drives you crazy too!


Mama Ross said...

That is so funny that you hate that commercial too! I can't stand that lady...."Yes sweetie, cooowww" Ugh!!! Just turn around and look at your child! Well, if she did that then she would be able to stop the cow from reaching in the sun roof to take the burgers...then there wouldn't be a commercial. I just don't like it though.