Monday, March 19, 2007

Me and My Buddy Ellie

Hey! Meet my good friend Ellie! She lives right up the street from me. Our mommies say we will be best friends. I sure hope so. Ellie is a blast to be around! Do you see her holding my hand? She is so sweet! I can't sit up yet but I aspire to be like Ellie one day and sit tall and proud just as she is! Until then, I can only look up and admire her from my back. That's really great work Ellie. Oh and sometimes Ellie makes me laugh too. She said something really funny and man...I couldn't stop smiling. The great thing is only she and I understand that baby talk. If only our mommies knew what she said...they would be laughing out loud too!! One day we might let you in on our little secret!