Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And Who are YOU?

Well, as you see I have a new friend. Lately I have been noticing her when mommy gets me up from naptime or bedtime. She always sits so still on the bed in my room. Curious as to who she is, I have been reaching out to her, literally, and making sounds to ask her who she is. However, I get nothing. I've asked her her name, her favorite color, where she grew up, and how she got here. Still, nothing. So today mommy pulled her down for me and explained to me that this used to be her doll when she was little. Grandma and Papa brought it back for her when they went to Switzerland one time. Oh yeah, she got one for Aunt Melissa and Aunt Ashley too. And guess what, they picked them out based on their resemblance to mommy and my aunts. Anyways, here are some shots of our first "official" encounter. Overall, I think it went really well.