Monday, July 16, 2007

Put Me In Coach!

Now that I have the official Georgia Southern paraphanalia I think I am a step closer to joining the soccer team. Aunt Ash...when can I go in? Thanks so much for this super t-shirt. It fits great! So does this make me an official member of Georgia Southern? I'm working really hard on my kicks and I actually have a mean maybe goalie? I'll keep training and show you my moves next time you see me..then you can decide. I understand you have to go watch a lot of girls play before you decide on whether to take them or not. So I will be no special treatment for your niece. And for all you readers out there...while you're waiting for my big debut on the soccer field you can catch up on all your Georgia Southern soccer news by clicking the link to the right. What a great women's soccer coach they have! GOOOOO EAGLES!