Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Are YOU Doing in There?

So you see my stuffed beagle? Grandmamma got him for me. He's just my size and doesn't walk away when I try to pet him. But you see, there's a slight problem here. Emmett thinks it's his beagle! Now many of you have asked how Emmett is doing with me. Overall, he is doing quite well. Up until this point he has not bothered any of my toys, well except for when I was teeny tiny and he pee peed on my mat (sorry Aunt Melis and Uncle Sean...oh and Allie too...and most importantly..the new baby who is next in line to use it) and there is that time he chewed on a couple of my blocks...BUT...other than those isolated instances he has been just fine. Now, when I showed him my stuffed beagle something set him off and he thought it should be his. When none of us are looking he tends to sneak it away. Well mommy and daddy caught him one day sneaking him up the stairs (he got in trouble for that). And there are several other times he's tried to take him away. I think he just wants to be a daddy and this beagle is the closet thing to a child he will ever have. So, back to these photos (and sorry for the longwindedness of this blog). The other night we heard Emmett howling. We came into the den and lo and behold there was Emmett, howling at the puppy mommy put in my jumper. You wanna know what I think? I think a: he knew that was my jumper and the puppy was not supposed to be in it, therefore, Emmett thought it to be proper to get on to him or b: Emmett was afraid for the puppy's safety in the jumper and wanted him out immediately. Now, this is all speculation but that's what I think was going on here. If you want to see Emmett in action and hear him howling, something we are all to familiar with in this household, then go to the next post to watch the video. Oh Emmett, what will we ever do with you?