Monday, July 23, 2007

A Baby Shower

So here we are at a baby shower mommy and her good friend Maureen threw for their good friend Tanya! It was a BLAST! These are all good friends of mommy's from college. Remember Anna? She came too! And of course her mommy Mrs. Liz and my other new buddy, Mrs. Sarah! Who else is here, you ask? Well, there's Marci, Tanya's good friend (she's pregnant), then of course there is Mrs. Tanya in the beautiful blue shirt (Eli is hiding in her tummy), then of course there's Mrs. Sarah, Mrs. Liz with Anna, Mrs. Shannon (she's pregnant too! Little Davis is hiding in her tummy. He should be coming out soon too), then there's Mrs. Dawn (and guess what? guessed it...she's pregnant too!), then there's Mrs. Rosie and of course me and mommy! What a group!! We had a blast! We played funny games and Mrs. Tanya got great gifts. Eli is really lucky! Congratulations Robertsons! We can't wait to meet Eli! You guys will be terrific parents!


Tanya & Eli said...

Awww...Yay! Thanks so much for all the fun Jess! I haven't sent out my official "thank yous" yet as Eli's surprise arrival has distracted me a bit!!! Can't wait for Hannah, Anna, Eli & Davis to have a playdate together! :)