Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Ten Months Old Today!

Today, July 25, 2007, I, Hannah Harman, am 10 months old! So long single digits...hello double! Can you believe I am so close to a year old? And guess what I found out....I'm going to get one of those birthday parties! Won't that be fun? But not yet. No, I'm not quite there yet. Until then, we just celebrate in our hearts these monthly birthdays. So take a good look at me. This is my official ten month old shot. I've come a long way baby! (Oh yeah, check out my cool cherry suit! Grandmama got this for me! I just LOVE it! It fits perfectly! I think this is my THIRD cherry outfit! And they always come from my grandmas! I guess they really think I will like cherries! But from the looks of these outfits...I think I will! Thanks Grandmama!)


Trista said...

I love these two pictures! She looks so grown up. We can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!

Groovers said...

What a big girl! I know you're so proud! :) We missed y'all, we'll talk soon!