Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Places, New Faces

Well mommy and I had a little outing yesterday. We went up to Atlantic Station to meet with some of mommy's friends. And guess what? I made a new friend too! Here she is! Her name is Anna Brookshire. Oh and if you want to see more cute pictures of my new pal...just click on "The Brookshires" to the right and see what my friend Anna has been up to! Not only did I meet Anna but I met mommy's good friends from college, Sarah and Liz. She was right. They are super nice! Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Mrs. Liz. She's Anna's mommy. That's Mrs. Sarah with the three of us! She's great! Next time though we have to get Mrs. Liz in the picture..she's great too! I just wonder why mommy didn't get us together sooner! And we met at a new place for me...Moe's! Who knew they were so friendly there! They say "Welcome to Moe's" every time someone comes in (but most of ya'll probably already knew that). Now, I think that's pretty nice. Don't you? Mommy says she and daddy really like to eat there. Can't wait til I can try me some Moe's! Although, I do recall some tex-mex going into mommy's tummy the day before I was born. A lot of people didn't think that was such a good idea! I didn't mind though! Overall we had a great time. I was just sad to go. I think Anna and I can be great friends!