Thursday, July 05, 2007

A New Trick and an Old Favorite

Well, yes, I am showing off again how much I love to wave. Sometimes I am bewildered as to why I am not often waved back at. However, mommy has informed me that some of the things I wave at are in fact inanimate objects (that's objects that aren't alive for those of you with a limited vocabulary). For example, I waved at a cross that hangs on our wall when I got up from my nap. I waved and waved at it but was disappointed not to receive a wave in return. So mommy kindly explained that not everything has life. I wave at Emmett alot though and wondered why he never waved back since indeed I know he is alive. But mommy then explained that Emmett doesn't have hands like we do. He has paws and it's hard for him to raise it up and move it in that manner. He might fall down she says. So, while I am a little disappointed at this knowledge, I feel better knowing I am not being rejected. I am sure if they had a heart or hands instead of paws they would be so happy to wave back.

Do you see my new trick? I LOVE to point now too. I actually learned this new move from my good friend Ellie who too loves to point. She is a little better at it than I but that's okay because she is a little older and has more experience in this department.