Monday, July 16, 2007

Trend Setter

Look what happens when you can't do your own hair! Mommy thought she'd have a little fun with my growing locks by sticking them straight up. And to make matters worse she did it with a clip...not a trendy bow! Hmmm....I'm not so sure about it. But what was so embarassing was the fact that she had to do it while we had company over. I mean, come on! Ellie must have thought I was a total dork! Luckily she didn't say anything mean to me. She just was a good sport and played with me. And by the way, that's a sign of a true friend. But, maybe I can set a trend with babies around the world. What do you think? Yeah, I didn't think so either! Hope you can get a good laugh out of it though...mommy sure did!


Groovers said...

I definitely think you're starting a trend, love the hair! :)

Smruti said...

hannah, don't worry sometimes your mom's hair looked like that when i lived with her and she was grown up :)