Monday, July 16, 2007

Catching Up On Some Reading

Well, since my last post I wanted to update you on what I have been doing. As you can see, I have been catching up on some much needed reading. I've discovered new ways to decorate my room in the Southern Living magazine as well as glanced over some tasty dishes I think mommy would enjoy making (okay, okay...more like what I think I would enjoy eating). In addition to my periodical reading, I also caught up on my storybook reading. I discovered a new author I just enjoy so much, Eric Carle. I got this book this week and it helps me learn my colors. It is quite the innovative book as it has flaps. . .kind of like two pages on one page! What a neat idea! So that's some of what I've been doing since you last saw me. Perhaps I can start doing a book review each week for all my bookworm fans out there. I'll keep you posted! Until then, keep on reading those books!


Tanya said...

LOL! I love how you're starting her off early as a Southern Living consultant! :) Just kidding! I love that she's already an avid reading though! can't wait to meet her...THIS WEEKEND!!!