Friday, August 03, 2007

Crazy Hair

Now, most of you probably know that I have some crazy hair. Yes, hair that likes to stick straight up to the sky. Well, this day was particularly bad. I mean, just look at it. What's a girl to do? Mommy finally wetted it to matte it down...but guess how long that lasted? Not very! I know some people pay fortunes to get their hair to stick up on top...but not this girl. This style is au natural. Do you know how many times mommy and I are stopped at the grocery store by someone who is making a comment about my hair. Just listen to what some have said:

"Wow, looks like someone just got up from a nap." To which mom replied, "No, she's been up for a few hours now."


"Looks like someone is having a bad hair day." To which mom replied, "Well, I guess every day is a bad hair day."

Now there are a few who find my look endearing saying, "Awww just look at her hair." Well, we take that as an endearing comment...I mean they could be saying that like they feel sorry for me. Who truly knows the motive of their heart.

Then there was one kind lady who understood both mine and mommy's predicament. You see, she too had a daughter with the sticky up hair syndrome and understood there was no real fix to it other than letting it continue to grow until it got so long that it flops over. We appreciate her empathy greatly. And for those babies out there with sticky up hair...stand tall and be proud of the hair God gave you. Because, yes, there are some people out there who would pay a fortune for this style. So just think of yourselves as blessed. That's what I do. And mommy and I like to call my style...."spunky."


Stephen and Mary Liz said...

Mary Clare had the sticky up hair syndrome for a long time, so don't worry Hannah! It lays down eventually! Our minister made a joke about it during her baptism (all in good fun since we work for him) so the whole church snickered at her spikes. I think it is cute!