Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm A Big Girl Now!

Well, let me tell you what I did TODAY. Take a look at my crib. Do you notice anything different(for those of you who have never visited my room, don't worry, you probably won't...but for those who have...take a close look). Those of you with a good eye may have discovered that my mattress is now lower than it was before. And mommy is thrilled you can finally see the bedskirt that she just loves!! Well, I got a little adventurous today and rolled over onto my stomach and then scooted all the way to a sitting position. I found that when I do that I can reach the animals on the mobile that I have always admired. That's how mommy caught me. When I was supposed to be sleeping she heard me playing with my mobile. When she entered my room there I was, sitting pretty. So with me being the big girl I am now, we had to lower the crib so I wouldn't start pulling up and possibly falling out. For most babies my age this step was accomplished several months back. I'm happy to not be the weirdo anymore. But with this
new change there have been some adverse affects. I don't nap as well because sometimes I get frustrated always flipping to my stomach. I'm not used to sleeping this way. And too, I discovered some stuffed animals at the other end of my crib that I never knew were there. So during my second nap today mommy found me sitting and playing with them instead of napping. So out went my guests into my play bag. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get the hang of this soon. The other picture is a reenactment of what I look like often when mommy comes in to check on me these days.