Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Blue Dress Photo Shoot

So mommy decided to do another photo shoot with me today. I got to do it in my new blue dress Mrs. Tanya got me! I think I look rather beautiful in it! And guess what? Today while mommy and I were at Target I saw a bigger girl wearing the same dress...but purple! So anyways, below are shots of me in my new dress. We tried to make them interesting with different categories. These are my model poses. This is actually my favorite new stance...I call it the "not-so-sure-about-crawling" stance. It's quite comfortable and I'm not yet totally committing to actually crawling. Mommy had to be extra careful though with me during this shoot. I tended to move a little more than I used to back in the day. And this chair is pretty slippery. But I did a good job and made sure I gave mommy some memorable poses. I hope you enjoy our little shoot!


tanya said...

Jess, I LOVE these pictures! Especially the very first shot! You're becoming quite the photographer (although I'm sure it's easy when you have such a pretty specimen)!