Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting Closer

So as you can see from these new pics...I'm getting a little closer to crawling. I made some major progress this week. Remember I said my mom was watching some little boys now? Well, one started last week and he crawls. I envied his every move. I thought, "Gee whiz, I'd like to do that...just look at all the new opportunities that arise because of his agility." So I was bound and determined to begin working harder. To get back to training. I've been slacking off a bit. So that's what I did. And folks, guess what I can do? When I'm flat on my stomach I can now get BACK UP to a seated position! Yes, you heard me right. I can move from my stomach to my bottom. And that's not all! I can scoot...mostly backwards...but I'm at least getting somewhere, not usually where I was intending to go but hey, I'm moving! And today I did drag myself forward with one leg tucked beneath me while the other one was in the correct position. I'm not going to let these boys show me up. No sir. Not at my house. So folks start watching for my official crawling video.


Grandmama said...

Hannah, I just can't believe that you have learned so much since I last saw you. You are so smart and Grandaddy and I will just have to come down and see you real soon. I love you, Grandmama

Groovers said...

woohoo! Go get 'em girl. "Not in my house" hilarious! :)