Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Little Robe

Well, these pictures don't exactly capture how I felt during these photos. I actually HATE this thing. It makes me feel like a big marshmallow. In fact, I couldn't properly grasp my little rubber duckie and I did not like that. But of course, mommy thought I looked adorable in my little robe and so, as usual, I had to humor her for a few minutes after my bath. Thankfully this robe actually is a little small so mommy won't be trying this thing on me again! Phew! I did have a couple of modeling poses I told mommy to throw in. The other one was actually the only picture I was smiling in. All the others I was screaming in or my legs weren't appropriately positioned. I'm still trying to remember I need to sit lady-like. Oh and I'm a little embarrassed about my ears. Usually my long locks disguise the fact that they stick out a little. But after my bath my hair is so slicked back that there is no disguising those guys. Mommy sometimes calls me a little elf. But she smiles when she says it so it can't be that bad!