Thursday, August 16, 2007

Minnie Mouse

Have you seen this Minnie Mouse? Guess where she came from? DISNEYWORLD! I hear it is a grand place! I can only imagine. My Papa got this for me when he came to see me right after I was born (he had a meeting down there....gee...Papa are you sure you were really working??). She has caught my eye moreso now and I enjoy having her company. . .so much so that I insisted that she come down with me and mommy the other morning to dine with me. So here we are waiting for mom to whip up my cereal. It was still a little dark outside (I do enjoy rising with the sun, I feel I can get a lot more fun in if I do...but I don't think mommy is too keen on that...oh's good for her) so we had to use the flash on the ol' camera. So they aren't the best pictures we've ever taken but I wanted to make sure we documented Minnie on my blog.

She's important enough to do so. Thanks Papa for her! I'll take really good care of her!