Thursday, September 13, 2007

Enjoyin' My WHOLE Milk!

Also while I was in Birmingham I REALLY enjoyed my whole milk (Mommy is slowly weaning me from nursing). I just drank and drank it. Can you see it all over my mouth? I was a mess! After drinking all that milk Grandma had to give me a bath because I was soaked to the bone. I was super sticky! I got it in my hair too! I sometimes like to hold the cup upside down for fun and let it drip onto my head and face. Mommy doesn't think it's so funny anymore though!


Unfortunately, this was the last positive experience I had with my milk. Since this day, I have refused to pursue anymore of the whole milk experience. Instead of gladly bringing it to my mouth to sip, I shove it off my seat to watch it spill all onto the floor. At least Emmett enjoys it. Mommy is hoping one day I will get past this difficult season.