Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, these pictures were actually taken a couple of weeks ago but because we've been so busy lately we haven't gotten them up yet. Mommy decided to adorn my feet with these Now I have noticed other kids wearing them; however, I've never actually worn them other than my little flip flops and those ballet slippers when I was really little. I guess since mommy is from Alabama she didn't think I needed to wear shoes. But, now that the weather will be getting cooler, I can no longer grace the outdoors barefooted. So mommy had me get acquainted with some of my shoes in the closet. Here I am checking out these pair of kicks. They are quite interesting. They have a flexible feel to them and when I pull at them they don't come off. I would think that would be an important characterisitc of a good shoe. I guess I'll get used to them. I do enjoy having naked feet though. There is something liberating about it. But until warmer weather comes back to stay for awhile, I will be sporting this new style...these things called shoes.