Thursday, September 13, 2007

Watch Me Go!

Well, well, well, you'll never believe what I can do now! I can CRAWL! FINALLY! I've been experimenting with it for the past month or so now and am proud to say that I figured it out. Mommy and I went to Birmingham this past weekend to see my new cousin Kyle. Well, I was playing with Allie in her room and she has this neat car...its name is Lightening McQueen(some of you may be familiar with him). I really liked it! So much so that I wanted to chase after it. So I got up the courage to move my legs foward and presto! I was crawling! Grandma and Mommy and Allie all saw me go! And then Aunt Melissa came in to watch me! This video is not of me in Allie's room. No, I've gotten much better since Sunday when I did it. This video is of me today, Thursday. Now, instead of just a few short crawls, I can crawl across the room! I'm a little leary of crawling on the hardwood so I'm not as good there. But here I am crawling after mommy's cell phone. I really LOVE that! So enjoy! Who knows, maybe I'll be walking soon! I've become quite the little dare devil lately!


Grandmama said...

Hannah, you are doing such a good job with your crawling and I just loved watching you on your little video. Keep up the good work and I will see you in a couple of weeks at you PARTY!!!!!! Love, Grandmama

Jeremy, Trista, & Hayden said...

We are SO proud of you Hannah!! You are a pro already. You are crawling like you've been doing it for months! Great job.