Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Trip to Statesboro

Well, this past weekend me, mommy, and daddy all went to Statesboro. Isn't that where your aunt Ashley lives? you ask. Why, yes it is. However, we were so sad because Aunt Ashley wasn't even there! She was in Birmingham for a soccer trip with her team. Daddy was in a wedding down there so that's why we went. Aunt Ash, since you weren't there most of these photos are for your enjoyment. Mommy and I thought we would put together a sequence of pictures to document our visit to your hometown. However, we discovered that most of the pictures were of me and Maggie. But here I am when we just got to your house Friday night. I am enjoying a snack with some milk followed by my dinner. Maggie was pacing around below eager to get a bite of something I dropped. I made sure I gave her a little treat. She seemed grateful. So enjoy the next many photos of me at your house! I hope next time you will be there!