Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm One!

We're a little late posting this but here I am on my birthday, September 25th! Do I look like a big one year old? A lot has happened in a year! I am so surprised at how fast it went by! It seems like yesterday I was just entering the world and pretty helpless. Now, I can drink out of a sippy cup, crawl, say a few words, clap my hands, roll over, pick up my own food, and a whole sleu of other neat things! AND to top it off...I'm already going to be a big sister! Wow! What a way to end my first year in this world!

Since I'm one, I had to go in for my one year check up. It was not very fun. I had to get three shots and they also pricked my big toe so some blood could squirt into this tube thing. But they did say I was a good bleeder. I'm proud of that. But I was really scared during my checkup. I screamed and shook and reached out for mommy but for some reason she didn't get me. She had to hold my arms down. I didn't like it at all. But they did weigh me and I am a whopping 16 pounds even! And I am 28 and something inches long! They said I'm right on track with weight gain as the other kids my age. He was real pleased! They say I'll come back in a few months...maybe I'll be walking then!
Oh Yeah...mommy went to her appointment and things look good. She saw the heartbeat of my little brosis (brother or sister). They think she's a lot earlier 4-5 weeks. So ignore the counter up there..she has to go back next Friday for another ultrasound and a more accurate idea of the due date!


tanya said...

Hey Hannah! It sounds like you were such a brave girl at the doctor's office. Eli just went last week and go his first round of shots. Maybe you can give him some pointers for next time since this visit took him by surprise!

We're so glad to hear that your mommy's appointment went well! We've been praying for her. So many of our friends are having babies. We're so confident in the fact that you're going to be such a great big sister!