Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

Lately, Mommy has taken up dancing so I've decided to as well. You see, her partner is Grant. Grant can get a little fussy and dancing really seems to soothe him. So I had to find my own partner. And this is the lucky fella. So Mommy puts on the tunes and we dance. What's the music of choice? Well it's Boyz II Men...their new motown cd. And Grant's favorite song? "It's Just My Imagination." So Mommy, Grant, me, and my "b" (bear), sway to the music. Mommy has even taught me how to "step touch." So if you stop by and hear a little music jammin' then come join the party!


Groovers said...

Oh my, oh my! All these new pics are so great! Sounds like you have your hands full with a fussy Grant! I hope and pray that these next couple months fly by for you and that he is able to be content - I know it must be so hard on you. Blessings my friend, you are a GREAT mommy! And that Hannah, she's a riot! Love the backwards hat the most!