Thursday, June 19, 2008

Me and the Folks

Here's some closeups of me and my folks. . .their names are John and Jess (at least that's what they call each other). Funny story while we're talking about names. I noticed that Mommy doesn't call Daddy, "Daddy" and Daddy doesn't call Mommy "Mommy." Nope. Instead, Mommy calls Daddy, John and Daddy calls Mommy, Jess. Confusing right? Well one day Daddy...or John as some like to call him, accidently made a mess at the table. Mommy, aka, Jess said, "Oh, John." Now part of that mess is permanently on our table (apparently our table is real sensitive to heat and things stick easily to it thus leaving a mark). Well, every time I see the "memory" from that mess I say, "Oh John, mess." This makes Mommy and Daddy laugh so I keep doing it. Maybe I should try my hand at comedy?